What Do We Mean by 'Anime-Inspired' Clothing?

What Do We Mean by 'Anime-Inspired' Clothing?

We occasionally market our clothing as 'anime-inspired' clothing. Doing so usually prompts questions from curious customers. They want to know what we mean. It turns out the question is pretty simple to answer. This post will give you that answer and then explain why.


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Technically Not Anime


The idea behind anime-inspired clothing is rooted in the fact that the art we produce is technically not anime. Going with the purest definition possible, all anime is animated. That is where the term comes from. Anime is Japanese animation characterized by the specific traits we are all familiar with.


For the record, manga is the non-animated version of the same Japanese art. Comparing anime and manga is like comparing Western animated films with graphic novels. One form is animated while the other is still.


Because our artwork isn't animated, it's technically not anime. It is also not manga for the simple fact that it doesn't feature an ongoing story presented in published format. Hence, the best way to describe our original artwork is to call it anime inspired.


It Looks Familiar


Using the term denotes exactly what our original artwork looks like. Being anime-inspired immediately tells you to expect Japanese-style art. The faces of our characters look familiar. The color pallets we choose are the same ones you recognize from anime and manga. Everything from facial expressions to backdrops line up with anime and manga expression.


All of that said, 'anime' and 'manga' have become a lot like 'coke' and 'xerox'. They are used interchangeably so often that they have come to be somewhat generic in the West. The two terms certainly don't denote the same amount of specificity here as they do in other parts of the world. That's why we are comfortable describing our products as anime t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.


We Hope You Like It


We aren't as concerned about the terms as the fact that you like our products. One of our goals at Umai is to be your only source for anime clothing, apparel, and accessories. That is one of the reasons we produce original artwork. We want each and every piece we sell to be unique. Original artwork guarantees that. You will not find our pieces anywhere else.


Speaking of unique products, have you seen our recently released Lapse of Memory collection? We are especially proud of it. As Umai has grown and expanded, we like to think our artwork has only become better. Lapse of Memory really speaks to our vision for anime moving forward.


The collection currently includes a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie, along with a poster and phone cases for both iPhone and Samsung. We invite you to take a look. We think you will like what you see.


It's All Good


Now you know what we mean by 'anime-inspired' clothing. Whether or not you agree with the terms we have chosen to use, we hope you will at least agree that the artwork is all good. Our artwork is at the heart of the Umai brand. Without it, we would be just another t-shirt seller. But with it, we offer unique clothing and accessories that can only be found here.


Anime-inspired clothing gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in a way that allows you to participate. We hope you enjoy our artwork as much as we do.

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