A Beanie in the Summer Doesn't Have to Make You Look Odd

A Beanie in the Summer Doesn't Have to Make You Look Odd


Let's face it, some pieces of clothing have a seasonal flair. Take the humble beanie. Prior to the millennial generation turning it into a fashion statement, the beanie was known as a winter hat. You wore it when the temperatures dipped below freezing. As such, there are a lot of people who think wearing beanies during the summer is odd.


Beanie lovers, we have some good news: you can pull off a beanie in the summer without being the younger version of a retiree wearing short shorts, knee socks, and sandals on the beach. You can pull off a summer beanie without looking odd.


We offer some tips for doing so below. If you care to give it a shot, we also sell some pretty cool beanies here on our website. They all sport the Umai logo in one form or another. With that said, let us get to it.


Choose the Right Beanie


The first thing to know is that not all beanies are created equal. A winter beanie is definitely not suitable for summer wear. Do not pretend it is. How do you know you are looking at a winter beanie? It will probably be made of wool and feature a thick, cable knit. A summer beanie is made of acrylic or cotton. Its overall feel is thinner and finer.


Once you have distinguished between summer and winter beanies, don't forget that good fashion sense still applies. The beanie of the day should not clash with the rest of your clothes. It should complement, not distract. Otherwise, people will focus on your head instead of you. That's what makes beanies look so odd during the summer.


Keep It Simple


Summer beanies almost always sport neutral colors. Earth tones are pretty standard fare. So keep things simple. Don't wear a summer beanie with a brightly colored outfit you expect to find at a Caribbean resort. Tone down your colors and watch your cuts. Beanies work well with loosely fitting t-shirts and knee-length shorts. They also complement jeans fairly well.


If you are preferable to dresses and skirts, you'll have a harder time pulling off the summer beanie. But if you keep colors and patterns simple and neutral, you should be okay. The key is to make your choices in such a way as to guarantee that your beanie blends in with the entire outfit without being obtrusive.


Don't Be Afraid to Layer


The beanie has one fashion advantage in warmer weather: it makes the layered look appear more normal. Allow us to explain. You might spend the day running around in shorts and a t-shirt, with your beanie of course. When the sun starts to go down, the temperature may quickly follow suit. Throwing on a light jacket is expected.


Normally, that jacket would not look quite right with your jeans and t-shirt. After all, it is summer. But a summer beanie comes to the rescue every time. You can layer without looking out of place. Score one for the beanie.


Make Sure It Fits


Finally, a poorly fitting beanie looks odd in any season. Whatever you do, make sure it fits. Your summer beanie should not be so small as to hug your head like a skull cap. It also shouldn't be so big as to make you look like an elf on summer vacation. There is a good balance that you will recognize when you see it.


Beanies don't have to make you look odd during the summer months. You can rock a beanie in warm weather if you know how to do it.

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