Why Our One-Year Anniversary Line Is So Important – It’s All About You

We celebrated our one-year anniversary at the start of the year. Now, more than four months into 2021, we are still offering our one-year anniversary line of clothing. It is important to us to keep this line going for the time being. Why? Because reaching the one-year milestone is all about you.

It is no secret that we love anime. That's why we create everything from anime sweatshirts to fantastic posters you might even consider fine works of art. But without you, Umai wouldn't exist. Your loyalty to our brand carried us through that first year. It will drive us forward, throughout 2021 and beyond.

As a consumer, you expect:

  • high quality anime clothing
  • anime artwork that inspires
  • customer service you can rely on
  • reasonable pricing.

We strive to offer everything you expect from us, and more. The fact that so many of you have been so loyal to us over the last year suggests we are on the right track. We want to stay on track. We want Umai to be your number one source for anime clothing, accessories, and artwork.

It's Japanese Streetwear

It has been said that the best way to succeed in business is to find a need and meet it. Being big fans of the anime genre ourselves, we came to realize that there was a surprising lack of Japanese streetwear options sold here in the States. We wondered how that could be, given the strength of anime as an art form and entertainment genre.

At any rate, we set out to create the type of Japanese streetwear we would be proud to wear ourselves. We knew that if we would wear it, so would you. From that mindset was born the first few pieces we introduced in January 2020.

Those early pieces were an instant hit. That's when we knew that there was a market for anime in particular, and Japanese streetwear more broadly. We decided to reimagine some of those early designs for our one-year anniversary collection. You can see that collection here on our website.

Plenty to Look Forward To

We are proud to say that all of the artwork featured on Umai pieces is original. It is produced by one of our company's founders. One of the big benefits of producing artwork in-house is that it gives us so much more freedom to do what we want with it. We do not have to worry about licensing the artwork from other producers.

In light of that, we think there is plenty to look forward to. Every new piece of artwork affords greater opportunities to produce the anime clothing and accessories our customers love. And make no mistake about it, we love producing great pieces for you. It is our passion.

Check Back and Tell Your Friends

We are several months removed from our one-year anniversary at this point. But the spirit of that anniversary has not abated. We are as excited about our future today as we were at the start of the year. And we are ever mindful that we owe our success to you.

We invite you to check back often, so you can keep up with all of the great products our dedicated team is producing. Be sure to tell your friends about Umai as well. We firmly believe that the best form of advertising is word-of-mouth. You have all been fantastic marketers thus far.

Here's to another year. And here is to you, too. Thanks for helping make Umai the company it is today.

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