If You're Going to Use a Phone Case, Make It a Umai Case

If You're Going to Use a Phone Case, Make It a Umai Case

Billions of people around the world use smartphones. We are guessing you are one of them. That being said, do you protect your phone with a case? Some people do, others do not. It is a matter of personal preference. Here's what we like to say on the issue: if you're going to use a phone case, make it a Umai case.


You should check out inventory of phone cases for iPhones and Samsung devices. Our original artwork typically displays extremely well on things like anime hoodies and t-shirts. But a few pieces look absolutely incredible printed on a phone case.


As to whether you actually use a phone case, that's up to you. Phone cases have their pros and cons. Below are some of the reasons people choose to use or avoid them. What's your take on the whole thing?


1. Protecting a Phone from Drops


People dropping their phones risk damaging them. Some of our customers purchase Umai phone cases for that very reason. They know they have a tendency to put their phones through hell every single day. Protecting against damage from drops just makes sense.


As tough as your smartphone is, it is still a sensitive electronic device, and it doesn't take much to damage some of its components. The slightest amount of impact damage can break a lens, crack a factory case, or worse. For just a few dollars, you can get an iPhone or Samsung case that minimizes impact damage.


2. Protecting a Phone from Water


Some smartphone users are not content to limit impact damage. They also want to protect their phones against water damage. This sort of thing requires a waterproof phone case, which generally means paying a little more. But hey, you do what you've got to do. Right?


Note that some waterproof phone cases are better than others. It is a lot like watches. Your cheapest phone cases are more water resistant than waterproof. They are fine for protecting your phone on rainy days. But if you want something that will keep your phone safe even if you drop it in the lake, you'll need to spend a little more. Either that or stay away from the lake.


3. Dressing Your Phone Up


Maybe you aren't at all concerned about damaging your phone by dropping it or losing it in the water. Does that mean a phone case is off limits? Absolutely not. Join the ranks of those who use phone cases just to dress their phones up. We are talking people who own multiple cases, people who change their cases regularly.


Umai anime phone cases are designed to protect your phone. But being adorned with our original artwork makes them even more appealing. Not convinced? Then take a look at the cases here on our website. We sell dozens of them. There has to be one that fits you, your personality, and your phone.


No Case Is Perfect


It is probably a good idea to close this post with a reminder that no phone case is perfect. Manufacturers and retailers do a very good job of selling phone cases as the be-all and end-all of phone protection. Don't believe all the hype. Go ahead and buy a phone case that makes you feel good about your phone, but don't expect it to be impervious to life. You still need to be careful with your phone.


As long as you're going to invest in a phone case, it might just as well be a Umai case. We have plenty of options for both iPhone and Samson products.

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