How About Some New Anime Gear to Go with Your New Streams?

Anime is all over the place days. We love it. As a company, we've been all about anime from the start; we are by no means new to the game. But a lot of people are now discovering it for the first time. So much so that the anime streaming wars are now on. If it's all new to you, how about some anime gear to go along with your favorite shows?


Perhaps you've heard about the intense competition between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and a few others for the growing anime market. That's not just hype. Elite Daily's Dylan Kickham recently wrote a piece discussing 10 brand-new anime shows he recommends for those new to the genre. There are a whole lot more where these came from. In the next 6 to 12 months, streaming services are set to debut dozens of new Anime stories.


A Lot to Love


Those of us who have been anime fans for a while now know that there is a lot for love about it. And in fact, that's why our company specializes in all sorts of anime clothing and apparel. We have anime T-shirts and hoodies. We have crew necks, sweatshirts, and hats. We have even gone beyond clothing and accessories to include anime posters and iPhone cases.


Our loyal customers understand that a lot of our anime is original artwork. In fact, most of it is. Yet one of the great things about this particular genre is that every artist is welcome. Anime isn't exclusive to one or two big names who dominate at the expense of everyone else. Anyone can contribute.


We consider the anime community a genuine family. That's why we feel so honored to produce artwork transformed into t-shirts, hoodies, etc. As someone new to anime, we don't think there's any better way for you to announce you've joined the family than with some new gear.


Don't Be Afraid to Ask


As you learn more about anime and its cousin, manga, you are going to discover that some of the storylines can get pretty complicated. You're also going to figure out that we all have our favorite characters and streaming series. There is a lot to learn. But take heart in the fact that you can always ask questions.


The anime community is a community excited to talk about what we love. You are never going to bother a fellow fan by asking questions. Just be prepared to have a good discussion before you ask. Your fellow anime lovers will be more than happy to sit with you and discuss everything from the new series you just started watching to why anime characters are drawn the way they are.


For your part, you can show off that new gear from Umai. Tell your friends where you got it and encourage them to get some of it for themselves. Whether it's a long sleeve T-shirt, a crew neck or even a poster, you can't go wrong with anime gear.


Great Stuff Is Coming


While we continue updating our apparel and accessories, some of the most popular streaming services in the world are preparing to release new anime shows. There is a ton of stuff coming out of Japan's finest studios, and streaming services are buying it up.


In short, some really great stuff is coming. You might want to check out the ten shows mentioned by Kickham in his Elite Daily piece. If none of them interest you, no worries. Your streaming service is bound to have something that gets you excited.

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