Anime's Puzzling World of Demons: Can You Have a Favorite?

Umai anime apparel and posters do not feature any demons as of yet. Who knows if we will ever get there? Nonetheless, there are plenty of demons to be found throughout the anime universe. Some of our favorite anime series are based on the demon world. Others wouldn't be what they are without some sort of demon influence.


It is all quite puzzling given the fact that demons are generally considered a bad thing in the real world. By their very nature, they represent evil. Moreover, human sensibilities tell us that evil is to be avoided. So what's the deal? Why do anime lovers show so much interest in the demon world? And another thing: when it comes to demons, is it possible to have a favorite?


Popular Anime Demons


We did some digging around and found an interesting post on the “We Got This Covered” website discussing "the best anime demons". The post lists some of the more well-known demon characters in anime. It includes names like Rin Okumura, Naraku, Muzan Kibutsujj, and Griffith. If you recognize them, you've probably seen the series these baddies have showed up in. If not, feel free to look them up.


It is fascinating to consider the demon world in light of the fact that anime seeks to be more realistic than Western animation. Is anime's fascination with demons a reflection of an unseen world around us? Perhaps. Then again, it may be nothing more than the fact that demons provide the ultimate villain pool for doing battle with our favorite heroes.


The one thing we know for sure is that you do not mess with a winning formula. The good versus evil formula is extremely popular in anime because it works. Creators don't even have to use demonic characters to pull off. Regular old human baddies doing battle against anime's version of knights on white horses works just as well.


Heroes from a Different Cloth


What makes anime's obsession with demons so puzzling is the fact that some creators end up turning their demons into heroes cut from a different cloth. They seem to revel in the evil their demonic characters engage in. And then there is the violence. Though violence has always been integral to anime, it can seem excessive when demon characters are involved.


Creating heroes out of demons may be one way for anime creators to explore the dark side of humanity in a fictional world. Let's face it, all of us have a dark side. It is darker in some of us than in others, but it is ever-present.


As an art form, anime lets us discover parts of the human experience that are often left out of other art forms. Anime lets us be real. It invites us to explore the ugly, raw aspects of life at a safe distance. Demons are part of that – at least for some creators and their fans.


Great Anime Sells


Now that we have completely analyzed anime's obsession with demons, it is time to admit that we might be completely off-base. It all might be nothing more than business. We all know that good anime sells, and that includes stories replete with demons and their evil acts.


We don't have the answers to the demon puzzle. What we do know is that our anime apparel, posters, and phone cases make perfect gifts for yourself and your friends. Take a look at our anime T-shirts, hoodies, etc. Our inventory is constantly growing, so we are confident you'll find something you absolutely love – except for your favorite demon.

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