Umai Stickers: Where Can You Stick Them?

Umai Stickers: Where Can You Stick Them?

Here at Umai, we are most known for our anime clothing and apparel. We have a worldwide following among lovers of anime t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and posters. But did you also know that we carry a selection of stickers featuring our original artwork? You can check them all out here on our website.


That got us to thinking about where customers might stick our stickers. But once you start going down that road, there is no returning. Rather than asking where you can stick our stickers, it might be safer to ask where you can't stick them. Just do an internet search on all the places you can stick stickers and you'll realize just how many possibilities there are. Nevertheless, here are a few ideas of where to stick them.


Stick Them on Electronics


We did some digging around before writing this post. We found multiple websites listing hundreds of combined possibilities. Electronics seem to be at the top of most lists, though we don't know why. Either way, the most common electronic device for displaying stickers is the humble laptop computer.


This actually makes sense. You have all that blank plastic on the other side of screen. It is the perfect canvas. You can cover it with Umai stickers that tell the entire world how much you love anime every time you pop open the computer and start working.


Another idea that comes up frequently is the phone case. However, we also produce Umai phone cases with all the same original artwork. So that's kind of a moot point


Stick Them on Furniture


Not everyone is okay about putting stickers on their furniture. If it doesn't bother you, look around. A lot of the posts we found talked about sticking stickers on bookshelves, filing cabinets, folding chairs, lamps, and trash cans. The only advice we can offer here is that you avoid any furniture pieces you think might have value as antiques or collectibles. A sticker on an antique – even if it's a Umai sticker – could reduce the value of the piece.


Stick Them on Major Appliances


One strange thing we noticed during our research is that not a lot of people talked about sticking stickers on major appliances. Of course, major appliances are off limits if you are a renter. But if you own your own home and appliances, have at it. Cover your entire refrigerator with Umai stickers. When you run out of room, move on to the washing machine and dryer.


The Sky Is the Limit


Anywhere you can find a flat surface is a potential candidate for a Umai sticker. If you are still in school, put stickers on all your notebooks. Just do not put them in your locker, or you may find yourself with a bit of cleaning work to do at the end of the school year.


Other places to stick Umai stickers:


  • Your Guitar Case – If you are a guitar player, do you store your instrument in a hard-shell case? Guitar cases are ideal for stickers. So are amps, equipment racks, and all those crates you carry your gear in.


  • Your Luggage – Anyone who travels extensively probably has a rather large luggage collection. What better canvas for anime stickers will you find anywhere?


  • Your Car –Does your car have any rust spots? Cover them with anime stickers. You will hide the damage and put a smile on your face every time you drive.


There are so many good spots for stickers that it is impossible to list them all. Yours options are so vast that it's easier to ask yourself where you can't stick them.

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