You Too Can Be a Walking Anime Billboard

There are two kinds of anime consumers: the casual and the obsessed. The fact that you're willing to spend your hard-earned money on anime clothing and apparel suggests you are probably in the second category. And if so, would you consider becoming a walking anime billboard? Don't laugh. It's a serious question.


You know how much you love all things anime. You love it so much that you are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce other people to it. But people don't always have time to stop and talk. Moreover, they are not always willing to talk with strangers. You can still openly share your love of anime via the clothes you wear.


Other People Do It


There is no need to shy away from wearing anime T-shirts or hoodies. Other people make clothing choices with the goal of telling the world what's important to them. You should too. You are no different from ardent sports fans or music lovers. The things you are passionate about are every bit as valid as those other things.


For every football fan wearing a team-branded T-shirt or hoodie, there ought to be an anime fan doing the same thing. The more we all promote the idea of anime as an art form, the more often we will have the opportunity to turn people on to this fantastic genre.


A Conversation Starter


People will not always be willing to stop and talk to you about your clothing. But when you run into someone who will, an anime T-shirt can be a fantastic conversation starter. Some folks may come up and ask you to explain what they see. Others might be interested in a particular character while still others will just want to know more about anime. It really does happen.


In order to start those conversations, you have to get it out there. You don't necessarily have to be an anime evangelist, either. Wear your love for anime on your shirt and see where it goes. If you are not into T-shirts and hoodies, an anime phone case is equally effective as a conversation starter.


Be Ready to Talk


You don't have to be a skilled conversationalist to tell people what you love most about anime. But you do need to be ready to talk. We recommend asking yourself what it is you most appreciate about your favorite art form. For some people, it is the realism. As you know, stories in the anime world are rarely wrapped up in a nice little package with a bow. They are more likely to reflect the real world – even when harsh realities are involved.


If it's not the stories, maybe you are intrigued by the characters. Anime characters are some of the most well developed in the art and literary worlds. Perhaps that's because the stories are so detailed. At any rate, some of our most beloved anime characters are so well developed they almost seem real. That is something you can share with people new to anime.


Maybe you're not actually into either the stories or the characters. Perhaps you just like the art for its own sake. That's fine too. Anime's visual appeal is both unique and interesting. It can even be compelling to some degree.


Whatever turns you on about anime is worth sharing with others. Even if you can't start conversations on your own, you can be a walking anime billboard just by making a few clothing choices. We have everything you need to get started here at Umai. Take a look around. You're bound to find something you like.

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