Why You Should Wash Your Umai T-Shirts Inside Out

Why You Should Wash Your Umai T-Shirts Inside Out

You have made a wise choice investing in Umai t-shirts and hoodies. While all your friends are wearing generic tees that do not necessarily represent anything important, you are wearing our original anime artwork across your chest. Be proud of it. More importantly, take care of it. You can do that in a number of ways, beginning with washing your t-shirts and sweatshirts inside out.

Actually, it is not a bad idea to wash all your clothes inside out. The washing machine is an efficient piece of equipment that relies on agitation and a good detergent to get the dirt out. There is nothing you can do about the agitation. Without it, your clothes wouldn't come clean. Nonetheless, turning your clothing inside out reduces the harm caused by agitation.

Agitation Causes Friction

Clothes being agitated in the washing machine are coming in direct contact with one another and the machine itself. This creates friction. Exterior surfaces are subject to more friction because they have more opportunities to come into contact with other surfaces. Therefore, not turning your clothes inside out leaves the exterior surface more susceptible to damage.

Note that turning your clothes inside out doesn't stop friction. But at least friction on interior surfaces is limited. For example, turning your Umai t-shirt inside out guarantees that the graphic image only comes in contact with other parts of the same shirt. It will not make contact with the machine or other clothing items – like jeans – that might be more abrasive than the shirt.

Graphics Will Last Longer

You purchased Umai t-shirts and hoodies for the graphics, right? Of course you did. As such, you want the graphics to last as long as possible. Washing inside out will do just that. The practice will extend the life of the graphics by reducing abrasion and exposure to some of the larger debris that may find its way into your washing machine.

No graphic t-shirt or hoodie will last forever. But at least washing inside out will make the graphics last longer. You should also notice that the colors stay brighter for longer.

Other Benefits of Washing Inside Out

There are a couple of other benefits to washing your t-shirts and hoodies inside out. And once again, these benefits actually apply to all your clothes, not just t-shirts:

  • Cleaner Clothes – Did you know that the inside of your clothes often get dirtier than the outside? Unless you are rolling around in the mud or working in an industrial environment, your body produces more nasty stuff in terms of perspiration, dead skin cells, etc. Laundering inside out gets rid of that stuff and makes for cleaner clothes.
  • Less Piling – Some poor-quality clothing items are subject to piling over time. You see that a lot with cheap socks. It should not be an issue with our t-shirts and hoodies, but generally washing all your clothing inside out will reduce piling across the board.
  • Less Lint – Washing clothes inside out reduces the amount of lint you need to remove from the exterior surfaces after drying. Doing the laundry this way might take a little more work, but no more than having to pull out the lint roller to clean up a piece of clothing before you put it on.

Laundering is a necessary evil. It needs to be done. However, you can make it less damaging by turning clothing inside out before you throw it in the wash. Even if you do it just for your Umai t-shirts and hoodies, making the extra effort will pay off in the end.

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