Watching Anime on Netflix Is About to Change

Watching Anime on Netflix Is About to Change

We recently published a blog post posing the question of whether original anime content can save a struggling Netflix. We still don't know the answer to that question, nor are we likely to know for some time. But we do know one thing: watching anime on Netflix is about to change.


After suffering significant losses in the first quarter of 2022, and projections of more losses to come, Netflix has decided to make two significant changes. First, they are planning to roll out a cheaper pricing tier based on advertising. Second, they plan to crack down on password sharing.


Will either of these changes affect your anime-watching habits? If they cause you to abandon Netflix, where will you go for original content?


Ad-Supported Streaming


As late as last year, Netflix said they had no plans to launch an ad-supported pricing tier. Despite Hulu and a few other competitors running ads, Netflix was confident that it did not need to. First quarter numbers have caused them to change their tune. News sources say the ad-supported tier will be coming by the fourth quarter of 2022.


If you are among those former Netflix subscribers looking for a cheaper option, you are about to get it. But a lower monthly subscription price means getting fed ads with your content. Just be aware of that.


Cracking Down on Password Sharing


The second change announced by Netflix has been a long time coming. About the same time that they roll out the cheaper pricing tier, the company also plans to start cracking down on password sharing. It is about time. For years now, it has been an open secret in the streaming world that Netflix subscribers share their passwords with friends and family members.


Sharing gives more people access to streaming content at a lower price because they can all share the monthly subscription cost. So let us do the math. Current Netflix premium subscribers pay just under $16 per month. Let's round up to make things easier. Sharing your password with three friends means you each paying only $4.


Netflix prices do not seem all that expensive compared to the cost of going to a movie or having dinner at a decent restaurant. But it is still too much for some consumers who feel the need to share passwords. Well, Netflix will put a stop to that. Expect other streaming services to follow suit.


Nothing Changes Here


We don't know how you feel about the changes at Netflix, but we have good news: nothing is changing here at Umai. Regardless of what Netflix does, you will still find high quality anime t-shirts, sweatshirts, and iphone cases here on our website. Every product will continue featuring our original artwork created by the owner of the company.


Our artwork will continue to inspire anime lovers of all stripes. Not only that, but new collections will also be forthcoming in due time. We will keep doing the things that have made Umai so successful from the start. You can count on that.


If you know someone who plans to cut ties with Netflix, why not help ease their pain by gifting them with something from Umai? Giving the gift of anime shows empathy and compassion. It is also a fantastic way to put a smile on the face of someone losing access to Netflix anime.


Netflix has enjoyed more than ten years of uninterrupted success. Now that the company is struggling, things have to change. Those changes are coming later this year. Get ready. Netflix can no longer afford business as usual.

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