Top 5 Reasons to Love Anime

Top 5 Reasons to Love Anime

You could make a case that anime is both an art form and a cultural phenomenon. Hailing from Japan, anime combines modern animation, complex characters, and delightful stories to create what some say rival the best Hollywood productions. It's no wonder so many people have latched onto the anime phenomenon. We love anime clothing and apparel so much that we designed our entire business around it.

How about you? Are you new to this genre or are you an anime veteran? Regardless, you probably have your own reasons for appreciating it. We did some digging around and came up with what we believe are the top five reasons people love anime.

1. Real Life Characters

Not only are anime characters complex, but they are also very realistic in terms of their personalities, characteristics, and traits. They seem like real people who could just as easily be our neighbors as the heroes they are on their particular storyboards. That makes them relatable.

Anime characters struggle with the same things we all struggle with. They deal with loss and tough questions. But they also triumph in ways that make us believe we can triumph as well.

2. Realistic Storylines

One of the main characteristics of the anime art form is its attention to real life. Authors and animators have less interest in creating a fantasy world and more interest in relating to normal life. As such, the storylines attached to most anime series are as realistic as the characters themselves. Again, that makes anime more relatable. That realism certainly makes it easier for us to market things like anime iPhone cases alongside hoodies and anime T-shirts.

3. Engaging Action

The best anime series provide plenty of engaging action to keep us intrigued. And no, not all the action involves huge explosions and rapid-fire weapons. Along with that action is plenty of mystery and intrigue. A good story draws us in and demands that we pay attention. It has us begging for the next episode because we cannot wait to find out what happens.

With that in mind, legit anime series are not so easily canceled midstream, like other types of shows. If a series is good enough to be picked up by a major distributor, it is likely to completely play out until the story ends. In some cases, this could be years.

4. Adult Writing

Many people new to anime are surprised that the writing behind the stories is tailored to an adult audience. This is not to say that that subject matter is unsuitable for children. It is simply to say that most anime series are designed with the adult in mind. Dialogue isn't purposely simplistic for children. Not every episode ends with a happy conclusion. These are stories written by adults, for adults.

5. Fantastic Artwork

Last but not least is anime artwork. Granted, anime is not designed to look as realistic as modern CGI, but it is still artistically complex and enjoyable to review. There is just something special about the artwork, something that cannot be replicated by any other genre.

It doesn't hurt that anime presents very distinctive visuals. You will never confuse an anime series with something that isn't anime. Its look is too distinct and detailed. Its uniqueness is that which makes anime's visual presentation so fantastic.

We trust you love all things anime as much as we do. That's why you're here. Before you go, take a few minutes to browse our clothing, apparel, and accessories. Whether you are looking for anime hoodies, posters, or a case for your phone, we believe we have something you'll love.

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