Start That Back-to-School Shopping with Umai

Start That Back-to-School Shopping with Umai

It is time to talk about something that bothers kids to no end: going back to school. But it's July. If you live in the Northeast, you will not be going back to school until after Labor Day. But if you live in the South, you may be headed back to the classroom by mid-August. You have only a couple of weeks of summer left if you are heading off to university.

Whatever the case might be, July is when we start seeing the back-to-school sales. Things are not any different here at Umai. We figure that, as long as you're going to buy some new clothes and a few accessories for school, you might just as well start your shopping here.

We have T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and assorted tops and bottoms. We even have even beanies. Everything is plastered with our original anime artwork, artwork that you are not going to find anywhere else. We own it. It's ours.

Summer Passes Too Quickly

If you are still of school age, we get that you cannot stand back-to-school sales. You're not ready to start thinking about classrooms and lockers. You have no intention to even consider homework until the time comes. From your perspective, summer passes too quickly.

We hear you. We may run a successful anime clothing brand now, but we were kids at one time too. We remember seeing the first back-to-school ad in July and screaming at the TV, "It's too soon!"

Looking back on it now, we have a different perspective. Instead of thinking about all the things we don't like about school, why not focus on the positive aspects? Why not approach that back-to-school sale with the mindset of how you can make the coming year the best ever?

Go Back with Confidence and Style

One of the things we try to promote here at Umai is being comfortable in the clothes you wear. Not just physically comfortable, but emotionally and mentally comfortable as well. We think it is vitally important that you feel good about the way you dress.

You are an anime fan. You are proud to be one. So take your love for all things anime with you to school in the fall. Wear clothes that reflect your passion for Japanese animation. Then you can go back with confidence and style – two things you'll need to thrive in the classroom.

Have Some Fun, Too

While you're at it, head back to school with the mindset of having some fun. Yes, there will be work to do. There will be papers to write, math tests to take, and literature assignments that will give you fits. But it doesn't have to all be hard work and drudgery. You can have some fun while you're learning.

Are you into stickers? Back when the Umai gang was still in school, one of the things we did for fun was plaster stickers everywhere. We covered our notebooks with them. Some of us covered our bags. Anywhere we could place a sticker without getting into trouble was a target.

You'll be happy to know that we sell anime stickers with the same original artwork that appears on our sweatshirts and T-shirts. We also sell anime notebooks, mouse pads, and a few other things you might need for the classroom.

We know it's only July. We know you don't want to start thinking about going back to school yet. But the time for back-to-school sales has arrived. You need to do the shopping anyway, so you might just as well approach it with a positive attitude. You can start right here on the Umai website.

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