Anime T-Shirts, or Nothing at All

Anime T-Shirts, or Nothing at All

A few years back, a popular clothing brand released a set of TV commercials featuring famous actresses who said they would wear the brand's underwear or nothing at all. The spots got a lot of attention. But this particular brand wasn't the only one to advertise with the idea. 'Nothing at all' is an idea that has been used many times over.

Do you think Umai should start a new campaign based on the same idea? We could have a model pose for a few pictures wearing our T-shirts and sweatshirts. We could plaster those pictures on posters and electronic ads, emblazoned with the slogan, "I wear Umai or nothing at all."

Don't worry. We aren't planning to go that route. But it is an interesting way to market clothing. It is a way of saying that your particular brand is the only one worth wearing. If people cannot have it, they should just go without clothing.

Why It Works

Using the 'nothing at all' concept to market clothing works for a couple of reasons. First, it gets curious people to go looking for your ads. Let's face it, we're all a bit voyeuristic to some degree. That's why the old anti-fur ad campaign featuring nude celebrities worked so well. People were curious.

The other reason it works is because it is almost a dare. Few of us would go walking around naked if our favorite brand of clothing went bust. But a brand that markets with the 'nothing at all' concept is daring its customers to imagine the possibilities.

In both cases, the concept has a bit of shock value. That always works in marketing. You don't necessarily have to shock so much that it's offensive, but shocking enough to get people talking about your brand can sell a lot of clothes.

Our Clothes Stand on Their Own

We get the idea that some brands decide to market with daring messages and images. We are okay with that. To each their own. But we like to think that our clothing stands on its own. We focus marketing on our original anime artwork because we believe in its strength and appeal.

Anime has a lot of fans. So does manga. We have been at this long enough to know that loyal fans will go for your brand if you give them good stuff. So that's what we strive to do.

For starters, we do not license any of our artwork. It is created in-house by one of our company owners. Second, we don't put our artwork on just anything. Any garment we choose to sell on the Umai website has to be a garment we would wear ourselves. That means top-notch quality from head to toe.

Well Worth Wearing

We don't know how you feel about wearing Umai or nothing at all. But we do believe that you will find our garments well worth wearing. Our anime T-shirts, sweatshirts, and beanies are more than just articles of clothing. They are high quality garments made for people who appreciate quality animation.

As an anime fan, you know there is something different about Japanese animation. It is distinct and unique from its Western counterpart in many ways. To you, it is simply better. Well, we design our clothing and apparel the same way.

We don't need to market with shocking concepts and ideas. We have high quality artwork that speaks for itself. We apply it to high quality items that we are proud to sell. If you have never tried the Umai brand before, now is as good a time as any. We are confident you will love it.

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