Crewneck Sweatshirt or Hoodie: Which Do You Prefer?


Anime apparel fans will be happy to know that we sell both crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies. Every piece in our collection features original artwork in the traditional anime and manga style. And of course, our sweatshirts and hoodies come in multiple sizes and colors. The only question is this: which style do you prefer?


Both have their advantages. There might be things you don't like about each one as well. But that is the beauty of shopping at Umai. We have something for everybody. Just look at our crewneck sweatshirt and hoodie collections. You will see for yourself just what we are talking about.


All Were Sweatshirts Once


Sweatshirts have been around almost as long as anime itself. Maybe you didn't know this, but hoodies are not a modern invention either. Just the term is. At one time, all of the garments were called sweatshirts. Hoodies were just sweatshirts with hoods.


Eventually, manufacturers came out with the term 'hooded sweatshirt' to draw a distinction between the two styles. That term evolved into the one we use today: hoodie. All that aside, both crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies offer the perfect combination of warmth and style.


Anime Sweatshirts


With our brief attempt at a history lesson out of the way, let us talk about anime sweatshirts. They are called 'crewneck sweatshirts' because of the lack of a collar. The rounded neckline is typical of the shirts rowing crews wore in the 1930s. Hence, the name. In terms of cut, a typical crewneck sweatshirt should fit loosely yet be gathered at the waist.


Anime sweatshirts combine the utility of a warm sweatshirt with Japanese art and culture. You get the best of both worlds in a single garment. Not only that, but anime sweatshirts are also great as both indoor and outdoor garments.


Wear one as your only upper body garment during the summer. In the winter, wear one over the top of a T-shirt indoors or as an outer layer for outdoor activities. You can even wear a crewneck sweatshirt like you would a sweater: over the top of a formal button up shirt. Even wearing a tie underneath is not out of the question.


Anime Hoodies


Hoodies are meant to be worn as outer garments with T-shirts or collared shirts worn underneath. How do we know? Because the hood is not something you wear indoors or under another shirt. A hood is attached to the outermost layer you are wearing to keep your head warm. That's exactly what hoodies do. That is why they are so awesome as outer garments during autumn and spring, when you don't need that heavy-duty winter coat.


Of course, every hoodie is made better when it's decorated with anime. You will love our anime hoodies featuring original artwork you will not find anywhere else. Most come in black and white options, though we do have a small handful of gray hoodies as well. You can see them all by checking out our anime hoodies page under the Apparel section of our website.


Anime Makes It All Good


So which do you prefer, crewneck sweatshirts or hoodies? To us, it's less about the garment and more about the artwork. Anime makes it all good – both sweatshirts and hoodies. Do not forget our T-shirts, beanies, and hats either. We have them all here at Umai.


If you can't decide between a crewneck sweatshirt and a hoodie, why not get one of each? Wear the crewneck indoors or when it's not so cold outside. Put on your hoodie when temperatures start to drop. Either way, you'll be kept warm by a great anime garment.

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